SJT Tech offers spare parts for a variety of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. To check our stock item and a respresentative listing. Click the appropriate category below. To check availability, price, lead time or to place an order, please submit your request to .

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Wafer Processing Equipment

1.Etch Part:   AMAT   Fusion   Gasonic   LAM   Matrix   Tegal

2.Masking/Photolithography:   Canon   DNS General   Filter   Flow-meter   Nikon   PR Pumps   Regulator/Gauge   SVG   UT Stepper

3.Diffusion/Thin Film:   BTU   Furnace   Laser Scriber   Novellus   Thermco   TOK/Semix   Varian Sputter   WJ

4.Implant:   Eaton   Varian

5.Hi-Vac Pump:   Pump   Edward   vacuum components

6. Fitting:   Fittings   Swagelok

7. Others:   Chiller   Electronics   Filter   MFC   O-rings   Regulator/Gauge   RF Generator   TC   various hose   various pc boards   Misc. parts

Test & Assembly Equipment

1. Tester/Handler:   
KLA1007   Tester

2. Test & Measurement:   Microscope   Rudolph   KLA/Nanometrics/OSI

3. Lamps:     Other Lamps   Ushio Lamps

4. Other Misc.:   Lab Equipment   Misc.

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