ST6000-DLXn Spec.

1. Overview
The MDA-6000 is excellent tool for a variety of applications,
such as Opto-electronics, FPD, RF microwave, MEMS,
bump or flip chip device, LED and other technologies requiring 
precision Alignment and this new type aligner offers a higher 
alignment accuracy and more flexible process.
On request, bottom side alignment is available with CCD camera or IR lamp.

2. Specification
 Standard Feature								
Substrate Size :Up to 6 (option: Up to 8)	                       
Resolution: 1um with Thin PR@Si Wafer		
Alignment Accuracy: 1um
Alignment Type: Manual
UV Lamp Power: 1Kw (option: DUV 1kw)		
Lamp Intensity: Max. 20mw/cm2@365nm
Operation System: PC & Vision Software
Lamp Uniformity:  5%
Z-Axis Movement: Motorized Control with Air Bearing System
Light Source: Fixed
Objective: Single & Split Field
Bottom Side Alignment: IR Lamp (option: CCD Camera)


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