Spin-1200 Spec.

1. Overview
Desk Top precision spin coating systems are designed for laboratory use.
They are designed to accurately apply a variety of liquid materuaks to
planar substrates.
Film Thickness range from 1000A to 10um depending on material viscosity,
rotaion speed & coating time.

2. Features
- Applicable to the materials like Photoresists,
polymides, metallo-organics, dopants, silica films and 
most organic and aqueous solutions.
-Compact units operate under programmable logic
control to store and execute operator-selectable spin coat profiles.
-Acceleration/deceleration rates are calculated automatically based on selected
ramp times and RPM values.
-Coating functions are programmed and controlled by means of front panel
keypad and display.

2. Specification
Substrate size: Piece ~4"
Spin State: 50 Steps, 20 Recipes
Spin Speed: Max.7000 rpm
Acceleration spped: Max.3000 rpm
Spin Motor Control: DC Servo Motor
Bowl: 8" Anodized Al
Pump: Oil-less Vacuum Pump
Batch type: Single wafer processing


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