SJT Tech specializes in Front End Equipment to provide our customers with a higher level of service than that which has previously been available. We provide refurbished equipment, parts, upgrades, modification and PM.
1. PM/BM Field Service

SJT Tech engineers are available for scheduled PM visits for LAM Auto-etcher, LAM Rainbow, TCP, Tegal 800 series, 901, 903, 915, 956, AMAT P5000, Endura, Centura, DNS 60A, 80A, 80B, TEL Act 8, and SVG track systems. All PMs can be arranged in advance.

2. Other Products Rep Service

SJT Tech is a representitive for selling thin film thickness system, which are manufactured by Midas and KMAC.

Thickness Measurement System:
ST2000-DLXn ST4000-DLX Spectra Acadey Lab Junior Kit

Mask Aligner:MDA-400M MDA-6000 MDA-8000
Spin Coater: Spin-1200D

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