SJT Tech represents K-MAC and Midas. They are major semiconductor equipment manufacturers based in Korea. They are well known equipment manufacturers in Asian market and Europe market. They provide good tools with very good results to meet customer's expectations. Their products are thin film thickness measurement systems, mask aligners, bench top spin coaters for R &D, medical, small scale productions, and mass production as well.

1. Film Thickness Measurement Systems
SJT Tech provides thin and thick multi-deposited layer film measurement tools in semiconductor and LCD pannel industries. SJT Tech acquired distribution and service of Auto-control thickness measurement systems from K-MAC.

Thickness Measurement System: ST2000-DLXn ST4000-DLX

2. Spectrometer - Spectra Academy

SJT Tech provides spectromers which can be used in labs and schools. SJT Tech acquired distribution and service of various spectrometers from K-MAC.

Spectrometer: Spectra Academy Lab Junior

3. Bench top Spin Coaters

SJT Tech provides bench top style spin coater, which can be used in R&D fab or university labs.

Mask Aligner: Spin Coater: Spin-1200D

4. Mask Aligners

SJT Tech provides mask aligners for R&D fab, small and medium size fabs, and university labs.

Mask Aligner: MDA-400M MDA-6000 MDA-8000

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